2021 Virtual Restoring Hope Breakfast

Journey to Healing

Stay tuned to hear about this year's presenter and their journey to healing. Keep checking back to make sure you don’t miss an update!

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Inspire Hope

Become a Table Captain for this Year’s Virtual Restoring Hope Breakfast!

One of the most impactful ways you can support the mission of CVT is by being a virtual table captain for the 2021 Restoring Hope Breakfast, this year on Thursday, October 7. As a table captain, your role is to invite your passionate friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, business associates, clients—anyone you can think of—to join you at your “virtual table.” You do not have to ask them to contribute. Our job at CVT is to inspire you and your guests to understand the impact you can make in the life of a survivor of torture. Because the event is virtual, there are no limits to how many people you can invite, and geography isn’t an issue, either.

To learn more about what it means to inspire hope by being a table captain, check out the following links:

Your Role as a Table Captain 

Fequently Asked Questions

For more information about becoming a table captain, contact Laura Kuhlmann.

A Closer Look at CVT Around the World

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a virtual trip to some of CVT’s healing centers around the world. See for yourself where hope and healing happen. Sign up today to attend a special Rebuilding Lives Experience.

We want you to see how you make healing possible. Every month we’ll have multiple opportunities for you to join a Rebuilding Lives Experience. Short and free of charge, you’ll hear powerful stories of hope and struggle, and ways to take action. Click here to learn more.


CVT – Ethiopia

Yonas was a 13 year old boy who lived in Eritrea. Like so many young kids, he was forced into military service, which is, quite literally slavery. He was torture attempting to flee to freedom but was able to make his way to a refugee camp in northern Ethiopia. Click here to read Yonas’s full story of hope and healing.


CVT – Atlanta

Anan was a young man who grew up in East Africa. He was imprisoned and tortured for speaking out against the government. Shortly after being released from prison, Anan fled and made his way to Atlanta, Georgia to seek asylum and found CVT. The reimagined future Anan dreamed of in the United States was within his reach. Click here to read Anan’s full story of hope and healing.








CVT – Jordan

Noor’s life was upended in 2011, when the Syrian War began, and she was forced to flee to Jordan. Although she was now safe in a new country, Noor wasn’t able to leave the past behind her. Click here to read Noor’s full story of hope and healing.







CVT – Nairobi

Angelique had a good life in Burundi where she worked as a health professional in a hospital. But after her brother witnessed the death of a high ranking military official, her and her family became targets. After being forced to flee to Nairobi, Kenya, her brother mysteriously disppears and Anqelique is tortured trying to find him. Read Angelique’s full story of hope and healing here.  








CVT – Minnesota, Saint Paul Healing Center

After witnessing the murder of her entire family and her home being burned to the ground, Faria fled to a refugee camp where she was forced into sex slavery and contracted HIV. Afraid and alone, she found her way to Minnesota in search for a new life but, unable to escape her past, she knew she needed to find help. Click here to read Faria’s full story of hope and healing. 

CVT – Minnesota, Healing Hearts 

When Nana’s Karen village was attacked by Burmese soldiers and her father murdered, Nana and her mother fled to a refugee camp in Thailand where they lived for 10 years. Eventually, Nana found her way to St. Paul in search for safety, stability, and a better life. But the pain and trauma of her childhood followed her to Minnesota. Click here to read Nana’s full story of hope and healing.





You can make healing happen

It will take $26 million to fully fund the mission at CVT this year. $26 million to radically change the lives of over 30,000 torture survivors and their family members. Much of this comes from institutional partnerships and government grants. But in order to close the funding gap, and help survivors know that their past trauma does not define their futures, we rely on generous individual support. The Restoring Hope Breakfast raises nearly 20% of all contributions from individuals. This is where you make your impact.

Restoring Hope Society members have a unique impact in the lives of survivors by making a commitment of support for multiple years. Their generosity enables CVT to realistically plan for the future and say yes to every survivor desperate for a new life.

Help a Survivor get their life back.



Thank you to our 2021 Virtual Restoring Hope Breakfast sponsors!

These sponsors graciously cover all event expenses. Because of their generosity, every dollar donated goes directly to supporting healing care for survivors of torture. If your company would like to sponsor this year, contact Shelby Ankrom.




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